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W e believe the body of Christ at Radiant is called to Radiate the light of Christ in worship and fellowship as we celebrate outwardly what Christ has done inwardly. Together in a process of spiritual development called discipleship, each person is Reshaped becoming more like Jesus daily.

The outflow of this growth is a desire to tell the Good News and to evangelize the world with the gospel of Christ by Representing their faith through acts of ministry service. To accomplish this calling as a body of Christ, we embrace The Great Commission and seek to radically live it out in this community and beyond through the power of the Holy Spirit, (thus a co-mission with God).

  • date : 20/04/2017
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Radiant Church is a wonderful community church in south west charlotte, NC. When you go to Radiant Church, they want you to know that the church has been birthed by God, driven by the Holy Spirit, and set free by the life, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus.